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2022 STILTS CALATAGAN beach resort travel guide + requirements

When it comes to beaches in Batangas, Calatagan is always among our top choices. It has fair sand and shallow waters, and it’s not as crowded as other beach destinations in the province. We recently returned to Calatagan to find out what has changed since the pandemic and what to expect in the new normal. In this article, we’ll focus on one of its most iconic attractions — Stilts Calatagan beach Resort!

Accommodations in Calatagan range from undeveloped coves to more upscale resorts, from rugged camping sites to glamorous villas and water parks. The Stilts Calatagan is on the higher end of the spectrum. It is a well-known venue for team buildings and special occasions like birthdays, debuts, and most especially, weddings. the most distinct feature of the resort is the cluster of overwater bungalows, linked by wooden boardwalks, reminiscent of the water villas in the Maldives. These villas and other overnight cottages/rooms might be too expensive for budget travelers, but sun chasers and beach lovers can make do with a workaround — day tour and beach camping.

But whether you’re spending a night or just visiting on a day trip, new normal policies apply. Every visitor must present a few travel requirements and follow additional measures to ensure the safety of everyone. So, if you are visiting Stilts Calatagn soon, here are some things you need to know.


Stilts Calatagan travel Requirements
New normal Booking Process
How to get to Stilts Calatagan from ManilaBy private Car
By tour Package

Stilts Calatagan new normal Admission Protocol
Day tour vs Overnight StayDay tour RatesEntrance Fee
Hut/Table Rentals

Overnight RatesCamping Fee
Tent Rentals

Things to Do at Stilts CalataganThree Beaches
Aqua Sports
Boat adventure Tour
ATV adventure Tour

Stilts Calatagan rules and Regulations
Where to EatCan I bring outside food?
Corkage fees and other service Fees

Other tips for the poor Traveler
Frequently Asked QuestionsAre kids and senior citizens allowed at Stilts?
Are pets allowed at Stilts?
Can I use the restroom or shower if I’m on a day tour?
Can I take photos at the stilts area where the overwater villas are?
Can I fly a drone?

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Stilts Calatagan travel Requirements

Here are the requirements when traveling to Stilts Calatagan beach Resort:

Advance Booking form or guest confirmation Voucher, to be provided to you by Stilts management upon booking confirmation.

Health declaration Form. The Stilts management will forward the soft copy of this form to you after your booking confirmation. One form per guest.

ANY of the following:
– Vaccination card, for fully vaccinated guests;
– negative test results dated 1 to 3 days before check in date, as per Stilts. According to Calatagan Tourism, it can be a negative RT-PCR test result issued within 48 hours or rapid antigen or saliva test issued within 24 hours.
– medical Certificate OR Barangay health Certificate. medical certificate must be issued by a government or private physician and should state that you’re not on the list of probable suspects or confirmed COVID-19 cases in your area.

❗️ important NOTES:

While Stilts Calatagan lists medical certificates as an option, the Calatagan tourism Office’s October announcement includes only negative test results and a vaccination cards. Please double check with the LGU or with Stilts when you book.

The certificates and the duly accomplished health declaration forms must be dated as close as possible to your scheduled check out and must be submitted via e-mail at least one day before your trip.

Kids and senior citizens are allowed. Stilts is one of the few resorts in Calatagan authorized to accept guests of all ages. just secure all the necessary documents required by the resort. pregnant women and persons with comorbidities are not allowed. This is in accordance with the guidelines of Administrative order No. 2020-006-C.

New normal Booking Process

As of writing, resorts in Calatagan DO NOT accept WALK-INS. You need to make a prior reservation before your trip. Stilts Calatagan beach resort accepts both day tour and overnight guests. We visited as day tour guests only. Here’s how we secured our slots:

Contact Stilts Calatagan. We sent an e-mail to the management inquiring about the day tour rates. here are the contact details:
– E-mail Address: stilts.sales@gmail.com

– Landline:(+632) 967-0820

– Mobile Numbers: 0917 5863343 / 0917 5807653 / 0917 5237777 / 0908 8662254

Provide the info needed for the formal quotation. Stilts management will ask for details such as the total headcount, your choice lodging, and the date of your visit. Then, they will send you the quotation, bank details, requirements, and other reminders.

Complete the necessary requirements and pay the 50% downpayment. Your reservationis tentative until you send a copy of your deposit slip to the given e-mail address. Make sure to pay on or before the applicable payment option Date. Stilts Calatagan reserves the right to cancel your booking if no deposit is made.

Accomplish and submit the necessary forms. After sending a copy of your deposit slip (50% downpayment), the management will forward the following:
– guest confirmation Voucher, which contains the cost breakdown, your check out details, and the inclusions.
– guest Registration Form, which is a list of all the names of the guests and the waiver.
– ទម្រង់បែបបទប្រកាសសុខភាព
– list of rules and regulations
One Registration form per group, but each guest must submit a health declaration Form. You must send via e-mail at least one day before your scheduled check out or check-in date

If traveling via private vehicle, provide the license plate of your vehicle. This will be forwarded to and coordinated with the checkpoint staff.

On the day of your visit, have all the requirements ready for checking. មានអ្នកតំណាងក្នុងរមណីយដ្ឋានមួយនៅឯប៉ុស្តិ៍ត្រួតពិនិត្យ។ They will check your documents and your name on the resort’s guest list. Prepare a hard copy of the documents just to be sure.

How to get to Stilts Calatagan from Manila

Stilts Calatagan beach resort is located in Barangay Sta. Ana on the western coast of the municipality. coming from Manila, the travel time is three to four hours, depending on traffic conditions.


Going on a road trip has become the choice weekend activity in the time of COVID-19. It’s the most convenient and safest way to travel nowadays. ការទៅកាឡូរីមកពីទីក្រុងម៉ានីលប្រេសខាងត្បូងហាយចូស (អេសអេសអេស) គឺជាផ្លូវលឿនបំផុត។ another route is via Aguinaldo Highway. Whichever route you choose, road tripping is now easier when you consult Waze or Google Maps for direction. but if you are curious about how to do it old school, read on.

ពីចំណុចតូចអ្នកអាចយកការចាកចេញរបស់ Santa Rosa ចេញឬច្រកចេញ Mamplasan ។ The latter is now the fastest route with the launching of the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX). ស្វ័យប្រវត្តិកម្មស្វ័យប្រវតិ្តរបស់អ្នកហើយងាយស្រួល (ប្រសិនបើប្រើក្រាហ្វិក) ។

Either route, you will be driving along Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road. បន្តបើកបររហូតដល់អ្នកឈានដល់ Tagaytay Rotonda ។

បន្តបើកបរតាមបណ្តោយផ្លូវ Tagaytay-Nasugbu ។ You will reach the Batangas-Cavite boundary. Drive past the arc with a “Welcome to Nasugbu” greeting.

Take a right turn when you reach the Palico Rotonda or junction. ទីតាំងសម្គាល់គឺជូលីបៀរនិងកាល់តិច។ You will pass by central Azucarera Don Pedro.

Continue driving along Palico-Nasugbu highway until you reach the Lian-Nasugbu Intersection/Rotonda. ទីតាំងសម្គាល់របស់អ្នកគឺស្ថានីយ៍ប្រេងសាំងនិងសែលសែលសែលសែល។

Drive around the rotonda to the Calatagan-Lian Highway. You will pass through Lian town proper. Last time we passed through here, there was a checkpoint upon entry to the town center. If there still is one, just tell them you’re just passing through to Calatagan and show your documents when asked. បន្តបើកបររហូតដល់អ្នកឈានដល់ព្រំដែននៃកាតាហ្គាននិងលីន។

Clear Calatagan checkpoint. This is located just after the Calatagan welcome arch. someone will approach you to ask which resort you’re booked with. Then, a representative from that resort will verify. have your guest confirmation voucher and medical Certificate ready just in case they ask for proof.

នៅពេលដែលអ្នកបានជម្រះរួចហើយបន្តបើកបរឆ្លងកាត់ទីក្រុងកាឡាក់ស៊ី។ You will pass by Lago de Oro and Calatagan Golf Course.

Continue driving and follow the road signs. There is a part where the national road becomes one-way and you have to turn right. continue driving until you see the sign to Stilts Calatagan beach resort to your right.

Turn right and continue driving until you reach the resort’s main gate.

Alternative Route: In case there’s a major traffic build up in Tagaytay, another route from SLEX is to continue driving to star Tollway then take Batangas City Exit. បន្ទាប់មកបើកឡានឆ្លងកាត់ទីក្រុង Bauan, Lemery, Calaca និង Balayan ដើម្បីទៅដល់កាឡូរី។


ធ្វើឱ្យផ្លូវរបស់អ្នកទៅស្ថានីយរថយន្តក្រុងបានបង្កើតឡើងនៅខាងក្រោយស្ថានីយ៍រថយន្ត LRT Gil Guyat ។

ឡើងជិះឡានក្រុងដែលមានកាឡូរី។ P180-200 ។ ចុះនៅទីក្រុងកាតាហ្គាហ្គាត្រឹមត្រូវ។

សាទរត្រីចក្រយានយន្តទៅនឹងសព។ ថ្លៃឈ្នួល: P200-250 ។

ការរាតត្បាតមុនមានស្ថានីយ៍ឡានវ៉ាន់ហ្គាហ្គាននៅទីក្រុងប៉ាសាយ។ វាមានទីតាំងស្ថិតនៅតាមបណ្តោយផ្លូវ P. Zamora រវាងសណ្ឋាគារ Kabayan និង Metrop Mall Sall ។ នេះគឺជាចំនុចដែល MET រថភ្លើងបញ្ចប់នៅស្ថានីយ៍ taft នៅតាម EDSA ។ but we’re not sure if this van service remains operational.

By tour Package

Not yet confident taking public transportation during the pandemic, but you don’t have a car? You can try booking day tour packages from respectable and DOT-accredited travel agencies or through your trusted online booking platforms like Klook!

If you are booking via Klook, the Stilts Calatagan Day tour package usually includes the following:

Roundtrip land transfers from Metro Manila

Local English speaking tour coordinator


Fuel and toll fees



Check the package you are booking and the corresponding inclusions before confirming. One package covers the entrance fee, while another one does not.

Meals are not included.

The usual pick-up spot is at SM mall of Asia.

✅ check rates & AVAILABILITY HERE!

Stilts Calatagan new normal Admission Protocol

Upon reaching the resort’s main gate, the guard will ask for info such as the number of guests, the names (or at least the one who booked the reservation), and/or duration of stay (day tour or overnight).

Continue driving to the vehicle parking lot. The resort has four vehicle parking areas: the main vehicle parking lot, the small vehicle parking lot near the main Frontdesk, the vehicle parking lot near Serenity beach and the Tree Houses, and the vehicle parking lot near Destiny beach and Infinity Area. go to the lot that was assigned to you by the guard.

Ensure that you are wearing your face mask and face shield.

Proceed to the footbath, sanitation, and thermal scanning area (Serenity Frontdesk).

You will be directed to the main Frontdesk area to check-in and register. Your group will be given a map of the entire resort. There are some areas that are off-limits. These will be marked on the map.

Each guest will be given a waterproof wristband. and then you may proceed to the sweet spot restaurant for the welcome drinks.

You can either walk to your designated spot (cottage, table, or villa) or you can avail of the resort’s service vehicle.

Settle down and enjoy!


9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Monday – Saturday

7:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Note: For guests on a day tour, the main gates open at 7 AM and close at 10 PM.

Day tour vs Overnight Stay

It depends on your budget and the things you want to do at the resort.

Day tour is cheaper, but you have limited time to enjoy the resort and the beach. If you want to maximize your time, you need to be there early. If you just want to check out on a day trip, it’s more convenient and faster if you will go there via private car.

Overnight stay is expensive, but you have more time enjoying the amenities and other activities at Stilts. You can split the cost if your group is big and you are traveling with friends. Or you can camp out. If this is your long-awaited family outing and you have the money to spend, then, by all means, opt to stay overnight.

Day tour Rates


P450/person: Off-Peak season (January, February, and from July to November)

P500/person: peak season (March to June, December, and holidays)


សាលាក្រុងកាតាហ្គាហ្គានបានតម្រូវឱ្យមានការប្រមូលផ្តុំរបស់ P30 ក្នុងមួយនាក់សម្រាប់ថ្លៃអេកូឡូស៊ីទេសចរណ៍។ This is normally paid at the resort either upon check in or check out. You only need to pay this once. If you’re visiting multiple resorts, you only need to settle this at your first resort.

The entrance for children six (6) years old and below are FREE.

The day tour rates are inclusive of welcome drinks, free use of the swimming pools, and access to the beach areas.

The day tour rates also include access to the shower rooms, souvenir shops, and other amenities like the restaurant.

You can avail of the water activity packages and tours, but these are on top of the entrance fee. These have separate rates.

Hut/Table Rentals


Cozy nooks (Wooden Tables and Benches)
Capacity: 5-10 pax
Peak Rate: P600
Off-peak Rate: P500

Open Huts
Capacity: 15 pax
Peak Rate: P1,250
Off-peak Rate: P1,100

Small Pavilion
Capacity: 20 pax
Peak Rate: P1,500
Off-peak Rate: P1,300

Big Pavilion
Capacity: 50 pax
Peak Rate: P3,000
Off-peak Rate: P2,500


Cozy nooks (Wooden Tables and Benches)
Capacity: 20 pax
Peak Rate: P600
Off-peak Rate: P500

Open Huts
Capacity: 20 pax
Peak Rate: P1,250
Off-peak Rate: P1,100

Small Cabana
Capacity: 10 pax
Peak Rate: P1,500
Off-peak Rate: P1,300

Big Cabana
Capacity: 20 pax
Peak Rate: P1,500

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